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What Is The Federal Reserve And The G20? What Does It Hope To Accomplish? What Does It Mean To Your Future?

These articles and this website is dedicated to the glory of God and God the Son, Jesus Christ. Please continue down the page after reading this article to the theological articles written. I have also included topics pertaining to physical health and the global financial system. This one is on finance and investment. I decided to rerun an article that I wrote in April of 2009. When I first published it many thought I was insane. Now, in 2011, it has become as up-to-date as tomorrow’s newspaper and is beginning to be acknowledged as fact.

The article is meant to provide an overview of the key information without being exhaustive in thought development. As such, the statements can be a bit choppy at times. When I wrote it at that time, I wanted to get the information out as soon as possible because I felt very few people had done so in a condensed fashion. Without further introduction, here’s the article…

The United States Federal Reserve as the leader of the G20 is the primary reason why our economy is on a massive downturn, internationally. Centralized banking is a concept that started centuries ago and was the impetus of the early American (British) colonies’ desire to become independent from England. England had a centralized bank and still does to this day. A central bank is quite simply an institution run by private enterprise, UNELECTED BY VOTERS that prints money for the government and charges them interest on it. That means the money you start out with produces debt immediately and is paid to the bankers who produced it.

Because the bankers control the money supply, they determine how much money will be produced, and essentially, the economic destiny of the nation, while paying themselves and all their friends off the top. The interest paid back for the money produced by the banks is returned to them through our tax dollars at compounded interest. The executives then take the money offshore and virtually none of it is placed back into local infrastructure.  To gain further insight into this we need to take a brief look at American history.

American independence was accomplished in 1776. The American colonies had become independent from England’s monarchy and particularly its central banking system. Various enterprising individuals had created their own means of “legal note tender” and followed rules and regulations that were enshrined within the new American Constitution to have it circulated. The people responsible for its production worked in the U.S. Treasury and were ELECTED BY VOTERS and also subject to the rules of the Republic (which protect individual rights and advocate limited government and corporate influence). However, President George Washington was aware that there were diabolical individuals at work within the colonies, which were a threat to everyone. It would take another one hundred years for this threat to truly unfold, but the move for its total control was ongoing.

In the early 1900’s several banking families conspired to create a banking “panic” situation that would spawn a take over plan of the American Treasury and create a centralized bank. Their new central bank would be called the “Federal Reserve”. It was a clever name because the average person who was uneducated on the subject would think it was elected and subject to the Constitutional Republic. Many people think this it is so to this day, but this could not be further from the truth. Without getting into the minutia, we’ll look further. In 1907 an influential banking family and their colleagues spread a rumour through their ability to manipulate the mass media, that a large New York bank was insolvent, or broke. The rumour had no basis in truth, but the damage was done. This caused a massive panic of individuals withdrawing their money from that bank. In turn, it caused the bank to call in its loans and a ripple effect of bankruptcy and foreclosures took place. There was a sense of mass hysteria.

Shortly after that time, these bankers used their influence on President Woodrow Wilson. His lack of ethics allowed their plan to unfold. In a deceitful meeting with many members of congress away over the Christmas holidays of 1913, the government passed the “Federal Reserve Act”. It allowed a central bank to take over the entire country’s money production. The Federal Reserve was comprised of a small group of men who manipulated and deceived their way into American banking- the same way they did in England, France and in Germany decades before…

During the roaring 1920’s the Federal Reserve slowly streamlined their banking scheme of money production and distribution to the American people. Everyone seemed to be making money and the economy was flourishing during that period. Under the American Constitution and the pretence of the “free market” system, there were, of course, still banks in business that were outside the Federal Reserve’s control. But they would not last for long… More and more credit was being extended to individuals as they lived beyond their means. The “margin loan” was introduced during that time, which allowed a person to own stock with only 10% down. The stipulation, however, was that the loan could be called in at any time and had to be paid within 24 hours. The Federal Reserve fired up their printing presses until they ran hot.

They increased the money supply to the U.S. by 100% during that period. Suddenly, they began calling back most of the money that was sent out to the banks. This caused the banks to call in their loans. Right at that time, the Federal Reserve Bankers exchanged the paper money they owned personally for gold and quietly exited the market… Shortly after, the market saw foreclosures and bank runs and the economy completely collapsed. The Federal Reserve then proceeded buy out many collapsed banks that were previously outside of their private cartel for virtually nothing. At that time, the U.S. dollar was still redeemable or backed by “gold”.

Gold is the one currency that has remained stable throughout the world’s history. But Federal Reserve wanted to rob people of what little wealth they had left. So, in 1933, they manipulated the U.S. government and called for all gold to be returned to the Federal Reserve. Anyone found with gold would be sent to jail. This did not last for long, but it allowed the Federal Reserve time to change the American dollar. Before 1933, it says “redeemable in gold”. After 1933, it now says “legal note tender”. Essentially, then, once the dollar collapses, it is worth NOTHING. The U.S. dollar was officially taken off the gold standard in 1972 to further ratify this move. The Canadian dollar, as part of the same cartel under the G20, is the same.

The Federal Reserve plans to collapse the economy again within the next few years the same way they did in the 1930’s, but this time it will be globally. This will be done by utilizing the consolidated strength of G20 and the IMF.  Within our current monetary system, money is no longer actually printed like it used to be. It is now done mostly by computer.  This also allows for increased manipulation by the banks.

Since the Gulf Wars and spending millions on paying out grossly over paid CEOs in large corporations (something they encouraged to take place), they have circulated trillions of dollars into the economy. They are doing this to instil a sense of market stability and that people will believe the economy can recover. It may show some signs of recovery temporarily. This is the plan. What many people don’t realize is that when more and more money is circulated into the economy this causes inflation (price increases). And while the average working person is making the same (if not less) than they were ten years ago, our money does not buy as much. Many people not only make less, but actually have no work.

The same bankers and their friends (the economic super elite) have outsourced many jobs to Donkey Slave, corrupt countries like China, Mexico and India. Their citizens make average salaries of $10 000 dollars/year by comparison. This while the politicians and executives in those countries live in massive estates with helicopters, six car garages, and their own armies… This is reminiscent of the account of “The rich man and Lazarus” in the Bible’s Luke 16.

As people are unaware of what happens when a nation no longer produces anything and “we just print more money”, the average working person will again place his neck back into the economic noose. Once he does, the chair will be kicked out from under him as banks begin to raise interest rates- until eventually hyper inflation hits. For Canadians this ripple effect will mean Real Estate prices will go down 30% or more on average, as even more affluent Chinese investors (who hold a trillion dollars of U.S. debt) will begin to lose money also.

So, who were the individuals behind the Federal Reserve? What may surprise some readers is that the families back then, are the same ones who run the Federal Reserve now. They are part of a movement that took a firm hold in Europe at the exact same time that the U.S. Constitution came into existence in 1776. They are referred to by some as the Illuminati. The “Illuminati” or the “enlightened ones” began May 1st, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a German/Jew who lived in Bavaria. He was ultimately financed by the Rothschild family. He and his colleagues were anti Bible. They believed in mysticism and the occult. They practiced witchcraft similar to that of the ancient Babylonians and Druids. They did not believe in the free vote, freedom of speech, or equality. They believed that only a small select group of people, who shared their religious views, had higher levels of education and who possessed financial affluence, should rule the world by any means possible. Their philosophy was “the ends justify the means”. Their symbol (the all seeing eye within a pyramid) is shown on the U.S. dollar. Who were the two most influential members of the Federal Reserve banking cartel in the 1913? They were Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. The Rothschild dynasty of financial and political manipulation dates all the way back to Napoleonic times. Their corruption in the U.S. began during early colonial times. Now they head up such organizations as the Rockefeller Foundation, which influences and funds the U.S. military, making war a big business…  

They are also behind “Climate Tax”, for which Al Gore is the spokesperson.  It has been set up as a tax scam, which in recent years has been referred to as “Agenda 21”.  Let’s take a closer look. Carbon Dioxide is part of natural symbiosis- we exhale it, plants take it in to produce oxygen. Are we to stop the life cycle? The seas produce 100 times more carbon dioxide than all the cars in the world. Many scientists have shown that man made pollution has little or nothing to do with climate change, but rather it is the direct result of the earth’s current distance from the sun during its orbit.  Approximately one hundred scientists from all over the world have demonstrated this in their research findings.  The information has been compiled succinctly in the work of Lord Christopher Monckton (a former UN member and whistleblower who was an advisor to the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s).  

The fact is, Earth’s climate has never been stable… The Illuminati organization has tried its best to stop this truth from circulating in order to keep on doing what they do best: raising taxes. This while the most guilty culprits of global pollution, China and India remain exempt from regulation. Donkey Slave, corrupt countries are good for lining the Globalists’ pockets, producing cheap goods that retail at high prices and eliminating North American manufacturing. For the most part these so-called “Free Trade” agreements (NAFTA and GATT) only benefit the CEOs of multi-national corporations and banks who produce goods in a “slave labour” environment that take advantage of nations with no proper Bill of Rights and Constitution.  The goal is to import the cheap goods from other parts of the world tariff free…  This while the average person living in the West pays heavy tariffs and taxes for smaller purchases at the borders.

This economic movement is referred to as “Globalization”.  The politicians and CEOs who support Globalization, have forced indigenous people’s off their lands so that rare earth minerals may be exploited, they can set up shop, and the locals can be put to work- while wages are kept low, hours are long, and suicide nets are set up…  Some of the “sweat shop” supervisors in these countries have reaped a bit of benefit from this Globalization movement, along with select corrupt government officials.  But for the most part, it has not benefitted the average person in these developing countries. Today the Illuminati has grown. Its philosophy (if not referred to by the same name) exists in the “Bilderberg Group”, “The Trilateral Commission” and the “Council On Foreign Relations”. These organizations meet in secret regularly and insist on media blackouts. They are able to do this because they have recruited key individuals into their ranks.

For example, high ranking share holders of the LA Times, The Washington Post and the New York Times newspapers are all part of their inner circle. This organization has its influence within various levels of media and intelligence agencies throughout the world. These three groups were recently linked to meetings that take place every year on a large acreage near San Francisco called “Bohemian Grove”. There is documented evidence and footage of these meetings, which one government official (a White House advisor to the President) admits exist. For decades there had been rumours of “ritualistic”, secret meetings taking place at Bohemian Grove, but no one could prove they actually took place and who was in attendance. In 2000 a freelance reporter named Alex Jones managed to break through Grove security and capture the footage on his video camera. What he discovered was astounding. Many of the past presidents of the United States who were still living were in attendance. Also, there were international politicians, Hollywood celebrities and business executives.  Many attendees were cloaked in Red Ku Klux Klan style robes and standing in front of a fire pit with a giant stone owl performing a ritual. Some individuals, reported by presidential advisor David Gergen (a regular attendee) run around naked at the meetings.

In the occult, the owl represents the ability to see at night or in darkness. While the populations at large are “in the dark”, their theory is, the Illuminati “see” or have enlightenment. “While you and I are at PTA meetings, attending church, watching a hockey game, spending time at work or with our spouses and children, our politicians and policy makers are worshipping a demon owl and engaging in mock human sacrifices”. This is a paraphrase from Alex Jones. These are the individuals who make our laws, implement public policy and hold the codes to nuclear weapons launch pads. The mission of the Illuminati is clear. They want total control and they want the average working person: retail clerks, police officers, firemen, funeral directors etc, to be their Donkey Slaves. And when possible, they may even kill them. In my study, I was appalled to find out that the Rockefeller family helped to finance Adolf Hitler’s air raid campaign during WW 2. The Rockefeller patriarch of the time owned “U.S. Standard Oil”, which he supplied to the Nazis.

As a member of the U.S. military, it is incumbent upon a soldier to “protect the U.S. from criminals, both foreign and DOMESTIC”. It is clear that the real terrorists are the members of the Federal Reserve and their banking cartel and they must be brought to trial. The Federal Reserve must be immediately dissolved. If the government of the day does not allow this to take place, then patriots everywhere must stand up and take back the misplaced power and return it to the people.

The Bible teaches men to “obey the authorities” (Romans 13), however when the authorities oppose the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that supersede the actions of the individuals elected to uphold it, those governmental forces (the private banks and lying politicians) become the criminals who no longer obey the authority of law…  Violence and vigilantism is not the best answer, but sometimes can be the result. Exercising the right to vote and holding politicians, bankers and corporate heads accountable, however, is the direction to be taken, and it must be done.

Everyone reading this article should understand where we are heading- total global enslavement. This is an information war. The last real President of the U.S. was John F. Kennedy. He was possibly set up and financed to be President because it was thought that he would be a bootlegger and a Nazi sympathizer like his father. He also had a reputation for being a playboy, which the bankers thought would make him weak. However, JFK’s presidency brought about a change in his ethics. When elected, he became pro civil liberties and helped to liberate oppressed groups of people. He started to pull troops out of Viet Nam. He also introduced measures to begin dismantling the Federal Reserve. He made a key speech warning Americans of a group of men who were an insidious threat to the world. We all know what happened after that.

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