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Juice Plus+: Possibly Still The Best Health Supplement Available

Many people consume vitamins to augment their nutrition levels. Vitamin pills, however, are not whole food. Only whole fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals that work together in synergy in a way our bodies can recognize and assimilate.

Separating the antioxidant from the natural food source into vitamins can even be toxic. Non water-soluble pills like vitamin E and Beta-Carotene can actually be harmful in a pill form. A ten year study in Finland showed some indication that these vitamins may even have caused Cancer. Also, the bioavailability (what the body can assimilate) of vitamin pills in general, is low. The liver is put under strain and most of the vitamin ends up exiting the body as waste, never entering the blood stream. The body is not geared for fragmented supplementation. It finds vitamin pills difficult to recognize and assimilate because it is not whole food. Whole fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable. They should also be eaten raw for antioxidant benefit.

Antioxidants are chemicals that fight free radical damage in the body. Free radicals are produced whenever we burn food for energy. Free radicals cause sickness, disease, and aging (basically, body breakdown). Any food cooked over 120 Fahrenheit kills all the enzymes (which are the catalysts of our food), so cooked vegetables have lesser antioxidant value. Raw fruits and vegetables also contain many phytochemicals, which can only be found in fruits and vegetables in their natural state.

Juice Plus+ distribution began in 1997. Juice Plus+ is 17 different fruits and vegetables plus fiber in two capsules. It contains all the vitamins from A to E. The difference between Juice Plus+ and other products in recent years, is that JP+ is not freeze dried. Freeze drying destroys the enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts that make the product work in the body.

One daily serving of four capsules is equivalent to the vitamin C from four oranges, the beta-carotene from three carrots, and the vitamin E from several servings of spinach. The blood plasma level changes for key antioxidants after one month of Juice Plus+ seem to be substantial. JP+ uses a fruit and vegetable dehydration which does not denature the fruits and vegetables. The fruit blend contains: apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, prunes,dates, and papayas. The vegetable blend contains: carrots, barley, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, oats, spinach, and tomatoes.

Juice Plus+ has recently added the “Vineyard Blend”, which consists of nine different berries. This product for some may be less essential than the fruit and vegetable blend, but it should be noted that berries contain flavonoids (or bioflavonoids) that are exclusive to berries. Flavonoids are antioxidants that combat certain diseases. The Vineyard Blend is another good product offered by Juice Plus+.

The renowned American Medical Journal backs Juice Plus+ and that publication rarely makes such claims on consumer products. Juice Plus’s manufacturing technique is a proprietary secret, but uses fully ripened, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Independent studies in several other medical journals like Current Therapeutic, Integrative Medicine, and Nutrition Research, have shown the following changes in blood antioxidant levels after taking Juice Plus+ for 28 days.

Beta-carotene levels up 510% on average.

Alpha-carotene levels up 119% on average.

Lycopene (the red pigment in tomatoes that fights cancer) levels up 2046% on average.

DNA damage down 66% on average.

This product seems to still make the most sense of any health supplements that are available.

  1. Grady Revell says:

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  2. Katie Turchi says:

    The Dietary Guidelines for Americans make it clear that your nutritional needs should be met primarily through your diet. For some people, however, supplements may be a useful way to get nutrients they might otherwise be lacking. But before you go shopping for supplements, get the facts on what they will and won’t do for you. ”

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  3. Chris says:

    Very true, Katie. One thing to consider, though, is many of our soils are now depleted from micronutrients due to over farming. With Juice Plus+ the sources still seem good because the key antioxidants have been tested and are present in the blood plasma levels. However, an excellent product, as well, that I have started taking is “Youngevity”. I may introduce these products to the site in the future, however, they can be quite expensive. I am starting to think they are better than JP+.

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