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The Question Of Origins

Many scientists believe that the earth evolved over a period of 4.5 billion years. This is common science textbook teaching in high school. Much has been written and researched on this topic. It is not the intention of this article to provide readers with an exhaustive research paper on the subject. However, the intent is to provide concise compelling information on the subject of creation versus evolution. We will accomplish this by analyzing the following topics: apemen, uniformatarianism, the earth’s decreasing magnetic field, radio carbon dating, and dinosaurs.

The first topic we will look at is geographic sedimentary “uniformatarianism”. This is the idea that that there are various layers of sediment that accumulated over millions and billions of years (some scientists decided to give them special names indicating the period in which they were formed over billions of years). In each of these layers, certain fossilization is indicative to the time period in which the layers were laid down. For example, certain forms of supposed “early” life would be at the deepest layers.

However, the problem that evolutionary science has is that many of these supposed more ancient life forms have now been discovered to be above more recent layers of sediment, and in some cases, mixed in with these supposedly more recent life forms. Some say it is because the lower rock layers must have faulted and shifted up over these more recent fossils. However, there is no faulting abrasions that indicate there has ever been this type of shift. Instead, these life forms were around at the same time and quickly fossilized together at the same time (fossilization must occur quickly or else decomposition takes place and no bones remain).

This fossilization often shows a mixture of various life forms that one wouldn’t expect to see together, like a dog skeleton along with shellfish fossils. This type of mixture is consistent with massive flooding. In fact, many scientists now admit there must have been massive flooding on the earth. This is the only way to describe what we are seeing. Nevertheless, they will not concede that it was one giant flood; They state, instead, it was several “floods”.

Radio carbon dating is another problem for evolutionary science. This is perhaps the most common method of dating fossils that scientists use. I will quote directly from Dr. Josh McDowell:

Carbon 14 is produced in the upper atmosphere when an atom of nitrogen 14 is struck by a cosmic ray. This changes the nitrogen to carbon 14. The carbon 14 then disperses throughout the atmosphere and is absorbed by the plants by photosynthesis. When an animal eats a plant, part of the carbon 14 is then incorporated into its body. A carnivorous animal eating that animal also gets carbon 14 into its body. This process continues, so the theory goes, until every living creature is radioactive to exactly the same degrees.

When a plant or animal dies it quits assimilating carbon 14 into its body. As time passes, the carbon 14 decays back to nitrogen 14. This means that the older the organic material is the less carbon 14 it will have. Thus one can date the object if certain conditions are met. Usually the assumption is made that the level of atmospheric carbon 14 has been constant over the last 20 to 30,000 years. But in order for this assumption to be true, the level of atmospheric nitrogen and the rate of cosmic ray bombardment also must have been constant over 30,000 years. The last assumption seems rather bold since the first measurements of the cosmic ray flux began in early part of the twentieth century…

The final assumption is that the rate of radioactive decay of carbon 14 dating does not change. The inconsistent aspect of the rate of carbon 14 decay is that it can be changed in the laboratory. John Lynde Anderson set up an experiment in which he altered the electric charge on a plate containing carbon 14… The rate of decay was radically altered by applying different electrical potentials to the carbon 14. The implications of this are far-reaching. For example, every time an electrical storm passed over an object in the ground, it could alter the rate of decay of the carbon 14. The electrical charge in the clouds and on the earth at such times would produce the same effect as Anderson produced in the laboratory.

So much for the theoretical considerations. There is no better way to illustrate the problems in carbon 14 than to show some examples. Yale University dated an antler three different times and got three different ages- 5,340 years, 9,310 years, and 10,320 years. The University of Michigan dated two specimens from the same stratigraphic positions (which means they should date the same) as being 1,430 and 2,040 years old (Mcdowell, J. 1981. Reasons Skeptics should consider Christianity. Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers).

Another consideration is that the earth’s magnetic field is decreasing. The earth’s magnetic field has been measured since the mid 1800s. Since that time it has shown a steady and consistent pattern of decrease to this day. If conditions were the same prior to the time of first measuring this, and we can assume that they were quite similar, at least within the last several thousand years, we can determine that there is no way that the earth could be older than 10,000 years. In fact, it is more likely that it is around 6,000 years old, just as the Bible teaches when we analyze genealogies and time frames from the book of Genesis onward. The earth’s magnetic field would simply have been too strong to support life, based on the consistent increments of change we have measured in the past two hundred years.

The next subtopic is the idea that mankind evolved from primordial sludge, by chance, over billions of years from a lower evolutionary form into modern man… This idea, suffice it to say, requires more faith than anything we could likely think of. How do complex organisms come into being from nothing? This is impossible and flies in the face of rationality. If there is a design and a genetic code, there must be a designer. Furthermore, Charles Darwin’s “Black Boxes” (the transitionary fossils he said would bear out his theory someday) do not exist. The DNA of a monkey is that of a monkey and the DNA of a human is that of a human. There are no missing links. The “apeman theory” is one of frauds, fiction, and fantasies.

There have been one or two fossils discovered which lay claim by some to be perfect “missing links”. Further to be noted, there were only about one or two fossils reported and not large numbers. Even these one or two fossils did not have any connection to being missing links. One of the most notable examples of the monkey ancestry theory is that of the Java man. The original evidence on which Java man became accepted as an ape-man amounted to nothing more than one leg bone, three teeth and part of a skull. The leg bone appeared human, while the skull resembled that of an ape. However, these two fossils were found 45 feet apart at a level in the rock, which also contained true human skulls. This latter fact was suppressed for many years.

Dubois, the man who discovered these fossils, announced at the end of his life that they were not the remains of an ape-man at all, but rather that the skull belonged to a giant gibbon (a type of monkey). The evolutionist world refused to accept what he said and “Java Man” was incorporated into school textbooks anyway. “Peking Man” and the “Piltdown Man” are two more fabrications that are an embarrassment to the theory of evolution. Incidently, it is this part of the theory of evolution that is the nemesis behind racism and white supremacist groups. The claim is that dark skinned people are less evolved and they try to draw parallels in appearances to “chimps”. We can see, however, that an evolutionary construct could draw this type of conclusion when everything else it claims is also fictitious.

The dinosaur issue is the last one to be discussed. Firstly, the term “dinosaur” did not originate prior to the mid 1800s. If a person looked up the term dinosaur in the dictionary prior to this time they would not have found such a word. Instead, the definition for the word dinosaur used to be “dragon”. Before the mid 1800s the “dragon” was a dictionary term, stating: “some still exist”. Evolution has attempted to place these creatures in a time frame that corresponds to it’s agenda- one that attempts to negate the Creation account.

The Bible clearly mentions dinosaurs, or “dragons” in several places as having lived at the same time as people (Job 40:15-24, and Job 41:1-21). Interestingly, when the Bible mentions that the Lord speaks to Job in the second of these Scripture references, in particular, the “Leviathan” breathes “fire” from its nostrils. Why are there so many accounts in ancient folklore of fire-breathing dragons? The answer lies here in these Scriptures. Furthermore, these creatures have actually been seen and hunted in remote parts of Africa up until recent decades.

Dinosaurs were reptiles. They share ancestry with contemporary reptiles and amphibians- only now, they have become much smaller. Some of their genetic ancestors still existed within the last hundred years and some still likely exist to this day.

Dinosaurs have become smaller due to the dynamics involved within the earth’s atmosphere prior to the flood. Prior to that time the earth did not have rain. The earth was encompassed in a canopy of ice. The Bible explains that God released this canopy in the form of heavy rainfall during the time of Noah. There was also water released from within the earth. Prior to this time, Earth’s atmosphere and atmospheric pressure was very different than today.

The atmospheric pressure was immense during the time prior to the flood. Plants grew bigger, animals grew bigger, and some people apparently grew bigger (there have been fossils found that show some ancient peoples were as tall as ten feet). This may account for what Genesis says in chapter 6: “there were giants on the earth in those days”… The atmospheric pressure would have been like that of a hypoberic oxygen chamber that is used for medicinal/healing purposes at certain hospitals, thus enabling some people and some animals to become quite large.

The Bible also states that people lived to be 900 years old during early portions of the Old Testament. Reptiles and amphibians or “dinosaurs” grew much larger also. And because the genetic makeup of these particular animals enabled them to grow very large, this continued in some of these reptiles or “dinosaurs” even after the flood. Eventually what was left of this genetic makeup was hunted to extinction. In the same way, many other animals have been made extinct over the years… There can be little doubt that dinosaurs were also on Noah’s ark.

Why has all this information been kept away from the public for so many years? It is because of slow and systematic brainwashing:

“Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying ‘where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep (died), all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.’ For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgement and destruction of ungodly men” (2Peter 3:3-6).

“Outside (of heaven) are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying”. (Revelation 22:15).

Jesus gave an account in Luke’s gospel of someone who did not repent. It was used by Jesus as a universal application. It stated what a person would experience immediately following his or her death. The quote is as follows: “I am in agony in this flame” (Luke 16:19-31)…

Jesus also made a great statement surrounding the unfortunate deaths of several people in the collapse of a tower near Jerusalem. Due to the tragic horror of the events, Jesus’ followers presumed those involved must have led particularly wicked lives to have encountered such a terrible fate. In his teaching, Jesus simply stated this: “unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3). In this statement, Jesus was not teaching about physical death, which we all will face, He was instead bringing a spiritual message- where the soul will go after death; whether we will go to eternal life with Him, or whether the body and soul will perish in hell (Matthew 18:8; Jude 1:7, 2Thessalonians 1:9).

Taking the preceding subject matter together as a whole, one particularly pointed verse from the New Testament jumps out at us: “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ; make no provisions to fulfil the lusts of the flesh” (Romans 13:14). Many individuals say this type of teaching is no longer for today. However, having now reviewed the theory of evolution in an objective manner, he or she who does not believe the Bible is indeed the one to be pitied most of all, especially in light of the manuscript evidence, archeological evidence and the predictive prophecies that have come to pass.

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